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Course Detail

Advanced Makeup Course

At the Archibald Academy, we understand that life is busy. This is why we have created a 1-on-1 , professional makeup artistry course to suit your lifestyle and schedule. Complete your theory units, assignments and assessments in your own time, and, when you are ready, one of our highly qualified professional Instructors will come to you to help you complete your practical tutorials in your home.



As we speak, our courses are going through a complete restructure. Soon you can look forward to new and updated content, even better pricing and a wider range of access to professional materials. As we continue to stay dedicated to practical class times that meet everyone’s schedule and needs we are aware that the world and technology are changing and we are excited to change with it. This means studying completely 100% on your terms in your time at a price that most people can afford. We are working hard to get everything juuuuust right but do not yet have an exact relaunch date. Stay posted on our facebook page or visit our website again soon for more details. 





This is the ideal course for anyone looking at a career in make up artistry. In this intensive,  flexible and practical course you will learn how to expertly apply make up for bridal, special occasion and film/photographic services. We are also able to provide you with valuable work experience on film/photo shoots, salon services and bridal work (subject to availability and skill level).


Course Length


12 week course - We recommend you take 12 weeks to complete this course, though this course is highly flexible and can be completed in as little as 4 weeks if worked on consistently.

Total Expected Workload

60 hours, including two (2) x 4 hour in home tutorial sessions, home work and work experience.



◊ Intense Practicals - Students get more time allocated to practicing and mastering techniques

◊ Turnkey Training - Students have the confidence and materials to start working straight after completing the course

◊ Work Experience - Students gain access to hours of valuable on-the-job experience in a range of areas including film work, photo shoots and bridal services (when available) as well as work place simulation for their independent portfolio task.

◊ Fast and Effective - Because you are taught 1 on 1 in your practical sessions with one of our instructors, there is little distraction and time wastage which you would normally find in a large class of 10 - 20 students, this in turn enables you to get through your training as quickly as you want without compromising on quality.


All successful course participants will receive a Certificate of Attainment and full transcript of competencies mastered.



- Colour theory
- Face and eye shape interrelationships
- Skin analysis
- Contouring
- Remedial camouflage
- False eyelashes
- Client consultation
- Business coaching
 Including Makeup for:
  ~ Bridal
  ~ Special occasion / colour makeup
  ~ Smokey eye makeup
  ~ 1950's style makeup
  ~ Natural makeup
  ~ Film and photography makeup
  ~ Black and white photography

 ~ Creative Makeup Project




- PC or tablet with internet connection
- Digital camera or good quality smart phone camera
- Notepad and pen
- Makeup kit (see below to purchase our highly discounted Professional Makeup Kit)
- Model (for optimal workplace simulation we recommend that you provide a model for each of the 2 practical sessions)



 * * * SPECIAL * * * 

 $300 off the course fee plus an additonal $50 off if paid in full upfront


Regular course fee: $1,690  (or $1,640 when paid in full upfront- $50 discount)

- this includes course materials including studyguide.
- You can also purchase our optional professional *make-up kit for $385 incl.GST. You can find more info about our kits in the Courses tab under "Makeup artistry Kit"


Choose to pay a deposit of $490 now + 6 weekly installments or choose to pay in full now and get $50 off the course cost .
If you choose to pay only the deposit now we will send you reminder invoices for your weekly installments with first instalment due the Monday following your course start date.


**Contact us if you do not wish to pay online using your credit card or paypal. Also contact us if you wish to discuss alternative payment arrangements/assistance**


Call us on 1300 667 334 or leave us a message below should you have any enquiries or wish to enrol.


*These materials are offered at discounted rates and are thus only available to Archibald Academy students.