Business Makeup and Style Class

Business Makeup and Style Class

Learn how to expertly and comfortably apply your makeup for smart everyday styles as well as more important corporate events.



As we speak, our courses are going through a complete restructure. Soon you can look forward to new and updated content, even better pricing and a wider range of access to professional materials. As we continue to stay dedicated to practical class times that meet everyone’s schedule and needs we are aware that the world and technology are changing and we are excited to change with it. This means studying completely 100% on your terms in your time at a price that most people can afford. We are working hard to get everything juuuuust right but do not yet have an exact relaunch date. Stay posted on our facebook page or visit our website again soon for more details. 



This class has been designed to help the business women of tomorrow look their best and feel confident in all situations.


♦ Learn essential makeup techniques

♦ Understand the importance of colours, both for makeup and for dress

♦ Know how to build a complete makeup kit

♦ Master everyday and business makeup and style


Classes from 5 to 15 students, this workshop will help your staff to look their best and gain the confidence they need to perform at the top of their game.



From as low as $45 per person



Classes can be scheduled around work hours eg. before work, lunch time or after hours.

The Business makeup class can be a booked in for a 1 day course or split into 3 separate sessions to better fit into working hours.


To book a class or for more information please call us on 1300 667 334 or send a contact request below